Tuesday, June 06, 2017

When good quilts go bad

When Captain Midnight and I first got hitched, we were exceptionally lucky to have a few crafty family members and friends. As a result, we received a couple of beautiful queen-sized quilts as wedding presents, and we've used them on our bed for nearly 24 years. However, years of regular use, washing, and a rambunctious kitty cat have all taken their toll on one hard-worn quilt, which is now sporting at least a dozen rips and tears over its top. I've taken a careful look at this quilt and determined that the cover fabric is too fragile for mending and/or patching to do much good. It's time to procure a new quilt.

We could do this a number of ways. I could buy a cheap duvet and cover at IKEA. I could wander down to Goodwill or another local thrift store and see what's on offer. I could spend an arm and a leg and get a beautiful, brand-new artisan quilt.

Or I could do what I'm doing: flip the old quilt so the less-worn side is facing up and eke a little more use out of it, while I put together a new patchwork quilt from my overflowing stash of CM's old jeans. This isn't going to be the cheapest option as I'll still need to pick up some sturdy denim needles for my machine, find a good backing fabric and some batting, etc., but if I take the time to make it right, this new quilt should last at least another 24 years.

Now to determine a simple block to sew. I'm leaning toward Rail Fence or Roman Stripes, something basic that looks good in scrappy colors.
Maybe something like this? Hmm.


MarieC said...

I have a pattern for a crazy quilt made out of jeans. It's my MIL's design. One caveat, is it is HEAVY. But, snuggly, and very fun. LMK if you'd like me to send you the PDF.

Soozcat said...

I hadn't considered a crazy quilt, but I would be interested in seeing that design.