Monday, September 11, 2017


I don't think I ever put this up. Back in February of this year, after we'd had some spectacularly hard rains, several of the big trees in our side yard got wobbly and our landlord decided they had to come down. He was very nervous about doing this, so he had us leave the house before he started knocking them over with earth-moving equipment.

So of course, we had to get footage. Because reasons.

(You can fullscreen this video for complete tree-felling awesomeness.)

Bravo landlord!

By the way, we did try to evacuate Roxy-cat, but she could tell by our voices that we weren't calling her to do anything fun, so despite our best efforts her furry little butt stayed hidden under the bookshelf during this whole adventure. I just hope we never have a fire in here.

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