Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A faraway land

A few days ago I was thumbing through my baby book, which is almost embarrassingly overstuffed (what can I say; I was my mom's first child and she went a little nuts with record-keeping). I've found some amusing things in there.

Me in my grandparents' backyard, circa 1974. See, I was cute once!
Here's an entry from almost exactly 44 years ago, when I was just shy of my fourth birthday. (Dan, by the way, is my dad's name.)
10-12-73 The other day [Soozcat] was mad at Dan and I, and said she was going to run away to a far away land. Dan asked her where? She said, "A far away land called Disneyland."
Know what? This still seems like a legitimate strategy. In fact, I just convinced Captain Midnight that we should run off to that selfsame faraway land for a week or so. That'll show 'em!

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