Wednesday, December 06, 2017


It's that time of year again! So, did Sinterklaas bring you something?

Captain Midnight must have been good, because Sinterklaas brought him a whole little box of lebkuchen. Lucky Captain Midnight.

Roxy-cat did not get anything from Sinterklaas because she tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to eat the afghan I've been making. Naughty Roxy-cat.

And Sinterklaas knows I am trying to keep my blood sugar down, so he didn't bring me anything either. Sad Soozcat.

At least none of us got a sack of salt and a broomstick this year. Nor did we get a free trip to Spain courtesy of Zwarte Piet. I guess we can count ourselves lucky!

Don't nobody mess with the Sinterklaas.

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