Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Utah snow

HREE out of four seasons of the year, Utah really is lovely.

And then there's winter.

The biggest problem with Utah winters is that they need snow. Not just for the skiers, snowboarders and other tourists who come to experience the state's legendary deep powder, but also because when temperatures drop into the single digits and every formerly-living thing turns a uniform shade of dead grayish-brown outside, this otherwise lovely state gets butt-ugly fast. There's a deep aesthetic need for snow to create beauty and cover everything decently until the spring thaw.

When Captain Midnight and I arrived here about a week ago, we hoped to be dragging snow behind us. There was a big storm predicted for the Puget Sound, and such storms often head south and east after they've finished with our area. In fact, we left several days early in the hope of outrunning the storm and avoiding accidental auto-pirouettes on the interstate. But the snow didn't come. Oh, one morning we had a little minor frosting which melted away by midday, but that was the extent of it.

Mom, who's been hoping for Christmas snow, has been much disappointed by the local weather. (It's hard to complain too much about the temperatures, which have been pretty mild by Utah winter standards, and we've had a few absolutely gorgeous sunsets.) However, this afternoon as Miss V and I did a little last-minute Christmas shopping, suspiciously heavy clouds began lowering over the mountains. The temperature dropped briskly enough that I, the tough Swede walking around in a T-shirt and jeans (hey, the coat's at the dry cleaners), could feel it even through my protective fat layer.

And then, this evening as I ran some errands... snow. Real snow, although not the clumpy, fat flakes that look like a down pillow exploded over Provo. This is fine-grained, delicate, and falling steadily. It's supposed to continue tonight and well through tomorrow (Captain Midnight's birthday!). And frankly, I wouldn't mind being snowed in under these circumstances -- we've got heat, light, food (yay Cupbop!), plenty of gifts to wrap and amazing company.

In fact, there's only one thing we need: a working hot water heater. Wish us (and the repair guy) luck!

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