Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Elanor has never dreamed.

Instead, every time she falls asleep, she experiences the life of another person -- a boy named Takashi. And whenever Takashi falls asleep, he experiences her life in return.

Image copyrighted by Sarah Ellerton
This is the basic conceit of Dreamless, a graphic novel first published in 2009. I know I've mentioned this fantasy/historical fiction/romance tale to at least a few of you. In fact, I'd lend you my paper copy to read, but you know what? It's gone out of print, and used copies on Amazon sell for insane prices. Further, whenever my only copy of a rare book leaves the house, I get antsy.

So you'll just have to read it online, the way I first did.

I'd love to see this story made into a movie some day. AND I WANT TO SEE MORE OF IT, BOBBY CROSBY AND SARAH ELLERTON. (Spoiler alert: they don't choose to end it at the most ideal spot in the story. Still worth reading.)

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