Monday, September 25, 2006

Five Random Facts

(beware, intrepid sailors, Wikipedia shoals ahead!)

It struck me today (ow) that since I've just started this blog, it might be useful to random readers if I were to add some context. So, to that end, five more or less random facts about the Laundry Faerie:

1. I've lived all my life (so far) in the western United States. I was born in the East Bay Area of California, moved to Provo, Utah when I was thirteen, my husband and I moved again to the Puget Sound area of Washington a few years after we were married, then a two-year stint back in Utah, and at the moment we're ensconced in the southern Willamette Valley of western Oregon. Though I've visited or driven through many American states and have wandered into British Columbia a time or two, I've never lived further east than the Wasatch Front. So far my favorite place to live is the Seattle area, and I anticipate our return there with bated breath. [NOTE: As of March 2007, we have returned to the Puget Sound. --Soozcat]

2. Your charming and talented hostess is a Latter-day Saint (aka Mormon). There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about Mormons out on the net; we are neither Amish nor Old Order Mennonites (though I have great respect for both groups), nor, for that matter, any of the polygamous sects (um, ew). In fact, going by sight alone, it would probably be difficult to pick a Mormon out of a crowd of people. We are avowed Christians, we don't smoke or drink, and we abstain from coffee and tea -- although I do enjoy good herbal teas/tisanes.

3. As is often the case with Mormons, I come from a large family. I am the oldest of six children -- two boys, four girls -- and I think all my siblings are rare and fantastic people. So is my mother, who raised us as a mostly single parent; my father died in a car accident when I was twelve. If these people weren't my family members, they would still be friends.

4. I met my husband on a BBS in the early 1990s. Yes, I really am that geeky.

5. As I like to joke, "I'm not an artist, but I play one on TV." (Anyone else remember those old Bayer aspirin ads with Robert "I'm Not a Doctor" Young? I'm still looking for a YouTube link.) My late father was a graphic designer, and all of my siblings are either artists or like to pretend they're artists. You may place me squarely in the "pretender" column, since I really don't know what I'm doing. I mostly dink around with origami and paper cutouts.

Bla bla bla, talk about yourself again ... that should suffice for now, don't you think?


tlc illustration said...

Cool! If you're really going to blog - I'm going to add your link to mine, if that is OK with you?

Soozcat said...

Feel free.