Saturday, September 23, 2006

Want sum dim sum?

All right, good people, my latest duty (a bleach load) is in the washer, so now I feel justified in plunking down before the computer and relating to you a baleful tale of woe.


My honey and I like foods from a number of different Asian culinary traditions. We happily scarf down bulgogi, enjoy a good spicy vindaloo, and relish a plate of maki-zushi (but, you know, not all at the same time). The city where we live offers a number of tasty dishes, but there is one area where it is woefully deficient. Yes, pity us, dear friends, for we live in a city of NO DIM SUM. Though there are several places where one can procure mediocre-to-bad Chinese food, not a single restaurant offers dim sum on the weekends. Not one. *sniff* We have been reduced to buying frozen dim sum goodies at a local Asian market and steaming or baking them ourselves. At least we have that much, but it's just not the same.

I have decided to take matters into my own hands and start the ADSLLC: the Amalgamated Dim Sum Lovers of Lane County. Together we shall take on the noble work of bringing dim sum to the masses! Who's with me?


tlc illustration said...

You *could* just come back here to the land of Dim Sum.... You know, stay awhile... :-) (We'd have to order in if we wanted to partake of it together. Still chained to the studio)

Soozcat said...

Alas, poor Tara. I imagine you are feeling very tote-that-barge, lift-that-bale these days.