Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween: the aftermath

Man, that was gruesome. Another year, another battle against hosts of undead minions. Good thing I stocked up on garlic and halogen bulbs at the Quickie-Mart. (Oh, and Dove Promises. Those things are THE NUM. You can't fight shambling evil without goodies.)

It's weird, how disparate trick-or-treating is in varied neighborhoods. When I was a teenager, we lived on a street that ran sharply uphill, so we didn't often get visitors at Halloween. But in this neighborhood... it's like somewhere around the corner there are black-and-orange helicopters constantly dropping off Spec Ops trick-or-treaters. The last two Halloweens here, we ran out of candy before the evening was up, and we had to lock the door and turn off the lights. This year we bought about a metric ton of chocolate, so we actually have leftovers. It may qualify as a historic occasion.

I realized this evening that I didn't really have any decorations up, so I cut all sorts of autumn leaves out of fancy papers and stuck them to the front door. It looked reasonably festive.


marcobucci said...

hahaha - good to see somebody who puts some quality time into their posts. Unlike me, who barely writes in english. Take care,

Soozcat said...

Thanks for coming by. I'm enjoying your artwork.

tlc illustration said...

Maybe all of the trick-or-treaters from here ended up in *your* neighbhorhood. We still have scads of candy left (it WAS chilly last night. Maybe that?)