Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The morning, and what came of it

It's been a dark, gray, drizzly morning, quite a letdown from the crisp Halloween night preceding it.
In this light, the decorations I placed on the front door the night before look rather pathetic.

It looks like the once-golden ginkgo has sneezed.

Feeling a little deflated by the day, I went out to check our rather grim mailbox.

Bill, bill, more election materials, advertisement... and a bronze key, indicating I had a package in the big box. Hmm.
Looks like those cheeky fellows at the Royal Mail are sending me mash notes again.

But wait... what's this?
This was no ordinary parcel!

I hastened inside, my spirits beginning to lift, and forthwith commenced ripping. Pretty soon I had revealed:
The Box of Delight! Yes, complete with cuppycakes!

Here's what was inside:
Oh, and I suppose you want to see it all unpacked, do you?

Lookie here! And even more treasures to open up!

Here is the whole resplendent shebang:
This delightful fairy package contained:

* a paper lantern and information on the Chinese zodiac
* Halloween greetings and a chocolate lollipop
* a packet of peppermint tea (from none other than HRH the Prince of Wales himself)
* a wonderful little tin of fairy treasures (including buttons and hard candies)
* some luxurious-looking salt scrub for the bath
* a mini Dairy Milk bar festooned with Freddo the Frog
* a wee, white Sugar Mouse with green eyes
* lovely origami paper and a bookmark
* a packet of Milky Way Magic Stars
* some small notes with inspiring fortune-cookie-like sayings inscribed thereon
* some teeny Laundry Fairy clothespins with wooden flowers and ladybugs on them
* a dollar for my sister (yay!)
* and a box of Walker's Shortbread (how did you know? I LOVE this stuff!)

Not shown: the Curlywurly bar that somehow got overlooked in the box. Mmm.

Many, many thanks to the kind fairy Emma Faulkner for sending such a delightful packet! I feel like my birthday's come three days early!


tlawwife said...

What a great package. Love the clothespins!

Soozcat said...

Isn't it great?

The clothespins are just the perfect thing for a Laundry Fairy, too.

tlc illustration said...

:-) Yes, Laundry Fairy- a well-matched package. Terrific. (I got a very lovely origami card in the mail today, btw. Thanks!)

And drat! I've once again forgotten that your birthday is so early in the month. I am lame. You will probably have to settle for a duo bday/xmas gift again....

Soozcat said...

Not to worry, I'm doing fine. I seem to recall that I took my own sweet time getting a birthday present to you back in February.

Glad to hear the card got there OK. I'm always a bit paranoid that they'll get chewed up in the post office machinery.