Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Care for some cheese with that whine?

A little while ago, Tara commented to ask if it was flooding where I was and I replied, somewhat flippantly, that I was feeling miffed because our cul-de-sac had flooded and storm water had backed into our dishwasher as a result.

That was before I really took a look at the extent of the flooding in Washington state. We haven't experienced anything near as bad in this neighborhood, and here I am complaining about a minor inconvenience to a labor-saving appliance. Oh yes, poor me, having to push a button twice and wash a load of dishes again, waah waah. Heh. Someone play me a violin solo, quick!

So, um, while it has rained quite a lot here, there have been some mudslides, some downed trees and a power outage at my honey's work today, we've had no major crises to speak of.


tlawwife said...

We seldom get to complain about too much rain.

tlc illustration said...

I'm glad it's not as exciting where you are as it has been here.

natural attrill said...

incontinent rain cloud made me laugh!

Julie said...

I agree with Penny. Your incontinent rain cloud is brilliant!

PG said...

We have a little rain here, but nothing like you guys!
I had a very interesting box in the post recently, btw...will be blogging later.

Soozcat said...

The raincloud is just a little pencil doodle, colorized in PSP. Fun to make, though.

Hmm, a box. I wonder what that could be.