Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tips and tailings of everyday life

(Don't ask. Just enjoy the Mystery Texture of the Day.)

Ever since we've lived here, we've come to expect a particular sound during the rainy season (read: three-fourths of the year). Somewhere in our neighborhood there lives one little frog, who likes to sing in a small, happy voice every time it gets moist and soggy. We hear him on a regular basis, but have never seen him.

Today, while I was out sweeping up the copious (and HUGE) leaves that have collected on my front walk, I noticed something -- a little ceramic frog, sitting in the narrow flowerbed outside my front door. He's a dark brownish-green color, almost the same color as the earth on which he rests, and so is nicely camouflaged. And I began to wonder. Hmmmmm... perhaps the invisible froggie is our little ceramic guy, who only comes to life when we're not watching?

Just then the real frog started croaking half a street away. Ah, another whimsical notion bites the dust.

We picked up some savory and numptious burritos al pastor, loaded with grilled pork, avocado and other goodies, from our favorite local taquería/tienda/dive for dinner tonight. The nice man behind the counter added some pickled peppers and spicy pickled carrots, a few cut radishes, the usual goodies. He also inexplicably threw in some salt packets -- apparently for those poor souls whose taste buds were shot off in the war; this stuff is perfectly spiced as is -- and I had to grin at the dual-language labels. IODIZED SALT, followed by the Spanish equivalent, YODADA SAL. I noted to my honey that "Yodada Sal" sounds like a Star Wars character who didn't make the cut. Or perhaps it's actually Master Yoda's given name, which he later shortened, fearing no one would take him seriously. (It doesn't matter that you can throw around Sith Lords like they're tin cans and pull an X-wing fighter out of a swamp by sheer mental might; when you're already green, 1 1/2 feet tall, and sporting ears like Spock on steroids -- not to mention that you put sentences together like a Gilbert & Sullivan lyric -- a few credibility issues you may wrangle with, yes.)

[This concludes the sci-fi geek section of our blogging day. We now return you to our regularly scheduled meandering.]

In other news, I am doing a little happy dance because I have a new fairy match for the SOSF! Hmm, guess this means I'd better get crackin' with a card and ornament. AND I have Christmas cards coming from Red Flannel Elephant, which makes me even more happy. La la la, I'm a happy nutbar!


tlawwife said...

Too bad on the frog. What a great notion that was.

tlc illustration said...

Yup, I have some cards coming from that Red Elephant gal myself (since someone else I know won't sell any herself...)

I love the backstory of Yoda's real name! I always wondered....

natural attrill said...

Hi Soozcat, thanks for the comment on our blog, interesting, I had never heard of the ball before, good to find out somthing new!

I received my RFE xmas cards today, they are gorgeous! got to get round to writing them all now, no excuse.


Soozcat said...

tlawwife: yeah, I know... maybe he was just being Sneaky Ventriloquist Froggie or something.

tlc: bah. Like anybody would buy my goofy cards. Fun to make, though.

penny: I try to write out all my Christmas cards on the afternoon of Thanksgiving (Nov. 23 this year), just to have them done. Working on them earlier would probably be wiser... I'm such a slowpoke.