Sunday, January 28, 2007

Six Weird Things

I don't usually do memes, because I assume the majority of people don't have an interest in trivial bits about yours truly. But since Gretel tagged me, I'll answer the call. Hereafter be six slightly peculiar things about me:

1. Far from what the feminine stereotype might suggest, I hate shopping for clothes. Absolutely loathe and despise the very idea. This probably has something to do with my being fat, but I also remember dreading the whole let's-go-shop-for-clothes process when I was young and skinny. I once sat and cried over a dark laundry load that had been spoiled by remnants of bleach from the previous load, at least in part because my pants (read "trousers," if you're British) were ruined -- and that meant I would be forced to go out and buy new ones. The horror.

2. The only mundane thing I hate worse than shopping for clothes is having my picture taken. I'd honestly rather have my hair cut with a cheese grater while chewing on tinfoil. I attribute this photo-phobia to a childhood obsessively captured on film by my maternal grandfather, who was a minor camera junkie. I hated being followed with a movie camera every Christmas and vacation and trivial event of my life. The last time I was willingly photographed was when Captain Midnight and I were married.

3. I call my navel my "bukie." (It's pronounced BOO-key, not BOOK-ee.) Everyone in my immediate family does, too, and I was nearly an adult before I realized this wasn't a universally-recognized term for the belly button. It comes from the influence of my Dutch great-grandmother; apparently the word "bukie" is derived from a Dutch slang term for the navel. Incidentally, my family also sings the traditional Dutch birthday song -- all four lengthy verses, followed by the English "Happy Birthday To You" -- to the birthday boy or girl. Our birthday candles really get a workout. Since my generation doesn't speak any Dutch, we sing completely phonetically (and probably with horrible pronunciation).

4. There are well over 60 herbs and spices on my kitchen spice rack, and all but a few see regular duty in my kitchen. I believe it is possible to cook fantastic food from very simple and humble ingredients, as long as you know how to spice it up.

5. I am 37 years old and I have no tattoos, no pierces (not even on my ears), and no cavities. The only surgery I've ever had done was to get my wisdom teeth removed -- well, actually, I had 3 1/2 wisdom teeth removed. The roots of the fourth wisdom tooth are still in my jaw because they were wrapped around a nerve ending and my dentist was afraid he'd do permanent nerve damage if he tried to remove them. My hubby Captain Midnight claims I am "as close to factory specs as possible." Um, is that a good thing?

6. I like canned asparagus, durian (in small doses), rare-cooked steak, elk meat, most kinds of sashimi, and pickled herring. As a matter of fact, there are very few foods I've tried that I don't like, and I'm usually willing to try something new as long as it isn't overly gorge-raising (i.e. I'm not likely to eat anything featured on Fear Factor). The few foods I simply cannot stomach include celery, hard-boiled eggs and lima beans.

And there you have it! If anyone else wishes to take up the gauntlet, let me know.


PG said...

A kindred spirit! One day we will meet and NOT have our photos taken, NOT go clothes shopping and cook something wonderful with a hundred and one flavourings.

Sorry about the tag, I don't like them either, but kind of felt obliged to do this one - and I was curious to see what you'd put...

natural attrill said...

We've just done our 6 weird things too! When we were tagged, spent ages trying to think what to write, now it's done I keep remembering other things that could be on the list.

I would like to try Elk meet, is it the same as venison? I like canned asparagus as well.

Soozcat said...

Elk is to venison as goose is to duck; elk are similar to deer, but larger and heavier. My father-in-law occasionally goes elk hunting with a friend, and if he happens to catch one he will often share the meat with us. It tastes similar to beef, but with a wilder flavor. Wikipedia has an entry on elk here.

natural attrill said...

Thats interesting. Have never seen it in the UK, but if ever I do I will try it.

Scarehaircare said...

What is "durian"? I do like elk. I have never tasted canned asparagus. I do have multitudes of spices in my spice cabinet and if I ever visit a Penzey's store I just might not come out. I like to shop for jewelry but not clothes. I don't mind having my picture taken. Now that I have truly shown my nerdy colors, do I still get to be in yor fan club?

Soozcat said...

Carrie: durian is a type of tropical fruit that resembles a spiky football and tastes like custard made of caramelized onions. The smell is quite strong, and many people don't like it.

And we so need to go to Penzey's!

Chrys Houghton said...

This looks amazingly fun!