Friday, January 05, 2007

SOSF packet!

Well, we got back to Oregon on New Year's Day. There was no mail the next day, since it had been declared a national day of mourning for the late President Ford. But on Wednesday we received all the mail that had been waiting for us since we left... and among the bills and cards and other flotsam?

Yay! A Christmas packet from Joanna! (And yes, Joanna, it did come on time -- Christmas doesn't officially end until Twelfth Night, January 6, so this packet arrived well within the Christmas season.)

Included herein were the following delights:

1) card for li'l ol' me, complete with a sketch of Captain Rupert nibbling fairy lights
1) handpainted garland of Christmas stockings and trees
1) small Christmas charm of two bells, which I will be wearing as a necklace next Christmas
3) printed Higglety Pigglety cards, one of which I have already pressed into use
and 1) handmade and handpainted Christmas card which is far too lovely to use!

I am cavorting with glee. Many thanks, sweet fairy Joanna.

Also I am inordinately pleased with the look of our hall closet. Behold the mighty stack of Christmas cards (garnished with origami stars made by Gretel, who assures me she's getting her 'gami game on in 2007):

All I need now to complete the festivity is a fez. As they point out in the video game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, "With a fez, one becomes truly fez-tive!"

(No, nobody needs to send me a fez. I suppose I could make an origami one...)


Chesno Slova said...

I actually have a fez I bought in Iraq. I used to wear it and jump around like an organ-gringers monkey to the delight of bored soldiers.

Also, glad you got my Christmas card. I see it up there on the closet coors.

Chesno Slova said...

Of course I meant organ "grinder's" monkey, not "gringers".

Anonymous said...

Isn't Joanna great, what a lovely garland! I AM going to do more of the folding stuff this year, and intend to challenge you to something mind bogglingly fiddly...

Soozcat said...

Tom: I have this fantastic mental image of you in a fez doing the Monkey-Man Boogie. Hee.

PG: You're on, sister! Woohoo!

JessnBekahsmom said...

I am so looking forward to the SOSF! I signed up two days ago! What fun! I am looking forward more, I think, to getting and giving than to receiving. It is with child-like anticipation that I wait impatiently for my fairy friend's address so that I may go shopping! WEEEEE!

Soozcat said...

It's fun. You'll love it.