Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome to the duck pond!

I'm highly amused right now.

In front of our new house there is a rather long driveway which bisects two very large parcels of grassy land (eventually our landlord may sell them to house developers, but that's some time in the future). On one side of the driveway he made an attempt to flatten out the parcel, leaving a couple of small depressions in the lawn -- neither one is much bigger than an area rug. Well, in the last few days we've had some rain (in Seattle? who knew?) and the depressions have filled up and turned into puddles. The water is no more than two or three inches deep at the deepest. And out there right now, foraging for insects and trying valiantly to swim in these tiny puddles, are a mallard duck and drake.

I managed to squeeze off a few shots before the digital camera's batteries went dead. (I'll post one later when I get the necessary cable hooked up.) Also, since it isn't really a duck pond if you can't feed the ducks, I went out and tossed them a few bits of sourdough bread, which they seemed to appreciate.

Now y'all promise me you won't call the state wildlife division or they'll come out here and declare my front yard a protected wetland, and I won't be able to use my driveway!

UPDATE: Well, the camera was set to low resolution, so the pictures I took of the ducks didn't turn out very well. Nonetheless, the intrepid Captain Midnight "enhanced" a photo for me:

The 'enhanced' duck fotie
He is silly.

UPDATE #2: They came back on Saturday, and Captain Midnight took several photos. This was the best of the lot:

The MallardsIf I were inclined to name them, I'd probably call them Mal and Jemima. But they're wild ducks, not pets. Even so, they like sourdough bread. And fortune cookie crumbs.


tlawwife said...

How nice to have a pond in the yard that you didn't have to build or take care of. Love the duck. Looks like our duck pond ducks from the carnival. Makes me want to see if it is a large prize.

PG said...

Maybe they will have chicks! :)Hope you're settling in and emptying boxes.

Thank you for being lovely on my blog, I am feeling better now.

Chesno Slova said...

I don't have any ducks Sooz, but do have several geese if you want me to ship them up for you to be permenant residents.

natural attrill said...

Hi Soozcat, I love the flying duck!

Just replied to your comment, with question, on our blog.


natural attrill said...

Hi, cant get onto website you put link for, will you check it for me please?

Soozcat said...

Eep! I gave you the wrong address. Posted the right one just now.

natural attrill said...

Thank you, fabulous jewellery!!

Bendtherulz said...

That sure was long nap...lol..!
Not bad...New house comes with Pond and Ducks.
So when is party??

Soozcat said...

Actually, we had one about a week and a half ago. (I'd have invited everybody here, but for many that would be a LONG drive!)

I'm actually beginning to wonder whether this pair is planning on having some ducklings. They've been here most days in the last week... maybe I'll go out and check the lawn for signs of nest-building.

Bendtherulz said...

What I missed the boat...it seems these days I am reaching everywhere 1 hr late....or so..!

Ducklings...LOL...now you would be in trouble..he he he...pls do send update...:-)

Scarehaircare said...

Where are you, Sooz? Did you get attacked by the wild rubber duck? Those things can be very mean......