Friday, April 06, 2007

Hey! Where'd she go?

No, I have not wandered off into the ether. Actually I've been about the business of life -- running errands, buying groceries, purchasing things for the new house, putting them together, finding stuff in boxes, making a glorious mess, keeping track of the finances, watching the ladies paint the pig --

OH WAIT! I didn't tell about the pig, did I?

Well, there is a large green sow in my garage right now. She is a fiberglass pig about the size of a small riding lawnmower (I happen to know this because there's one parked right next to her), and my downstairs neighbor and her friends are painting her up in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the Pike Place Market's existence. She and 99 other such piggies will be on display at the Market when they're all done. The Market people chose pigs specifically because the official mascot of the Market is Rachel, a life-sized brass piggy bank who stands vigil at the corner near Pike Place Fish.

Watching the painting of the pig has been both interesting and amusing. I've been tempted to make some custom postage stamps over at Zazzle with an image of the pig and the words "Home of the Emerald Piggie," and send out some snailmail letters festooned with this silliness. Alas, I can't quite justify the cost.

What of the ducks, you ask? Well, we haven't seen them in a while now. I suspect they determined that our yard was not the optimal place to raise ducklings and found some other, more suitable place for a nest (though I can only imagine it isn't as easy a spot to get free food).

Sorry, not much more exciting than that to report. I can see I'll have to start making up huge extravagant lies if this blog is going to be interesting in future. Let's see now...


natural attrill said...

Hello, your pigs sound like a mini 'cow parade', did you see that exhibition anywhere? we saw them in Manchester.
Are the pigs painted up in natural looking colours or are they decorated and multi coloured?


Scarehaircare said...

How fun! I think SLC paints bison. I wonder how we can get involved? My kids could do a much better job than some of those I see around downtown in the summer.

Soozcat said...

Apparently there is some information on how to get involved here:

I guess you have to submit a concept drawing of what your kids would do with the buffalo, then a panel judges the different drawings and picks the people who get to do the decorating. Hmm.

Will they be doing something similar to this project in your new town, I wonder?

Scarehaircare said...

Do you think they would have us paint giant potatoes?

tlc illustration said...

Hey! Thanks for the leads and erasers, delivered by the ever-faithful Cap'n Midnight (who would NOT let me give him any money... What am I going to do with you two!?? When I get back from Italy can I take you to lunch at least?)

Soozcat said...

Mmmmokay, you can take us to lunch! :)

I've been jonesing for dim sum lately. It's best to take larger groups--you get to try a lot more things when you have a lot of people to try them with. And there's a place at the Great Wall Mall that serves dim sum all day, not just at lunch.