Monday, April 16, 2007

Tax Day and Extravagant Lies Galore

Oh yes, it's that glorious day we in the U.S. look forward to with bated breath: TAX DAY. I'm not sure I can contain my joy. To quote a certain character from The Curse of Monkey Island, "I get giddy, and the laughter bubbles out of me like a sparkling fountain of mirth and gaiety." Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

To celebrate the rapturous joy of paying our taxes, we're having a salad of delicate butter lettuce grown hydroponically on the space station, endangered turtle soup, Beluga caviar and hummingbird tongues on toast for supper tonight. Dessert? Nothing but the finest fresh mangosteens flown in from Indonesia. Why not? We can afford it.

Then there's the matter of the evening's entertainment. We could take the private jet, I suppose, but why bother when Captain Midnight is the master of tesseract travel? A few moments' concentration and we'll be in the West End for an evening of theater, or perhaps off to Tokyo for slightly more exotic fare such as kabuki or noh.

Yep, life is pretty amazing when you have some extravagant lies to spice it up.

(For those of you who are asking, "Girl, WHAT have you been DRINKING lately?", here is the answer:

Safeway store brand grapefruit sodie pop. Surprisingly good for a store brand soda, and it's something like 17 cents per can right now, so I can't complain. So, dear readers, does this or does this not look like Generic Movie Soda? I mean the type of soda can they fake up for filming when the director doesn't want to use a specific brand. The design just makes me grin.)


Scarehaircare said...

What was I thinking. I made a boring shepherd's pie for dinner and havne't made any plans for entertainment other than watching the oven self-clean. The house goes on the market officially tomorrow. Maybe someone out there will have a nice hefty tax return to use as a down payment on my house? hope, hope , hope....

Soozcat said...

I hope so too! We'll definitely keep your family in our prayers, and ask for the house to sell quickly and at the price you've set.

LDahl said...

YOu have a Safeway? We used to, years and years ago... loved the Safeway stores!
Happy Tax Day!

Soozcat said...

I quite like Safeway. Safeway is where I achieved chocolate enlightenment, as will be explained in the next post.