Saturday, November 24, 2007

Missing V

OR the last few days, Miss V has been away visiting family in Utah.

It's been incredibly quiet around here. (She is a chatty girl.)

Also, despite lots more time spent with CM, a bit lonely for both of us.

We're going to pick her up at the airport in about an hour. I admit I'm looking forward to some nonstop 'tween conversation for a while.


Scarehaircare said...

What on earth did you do for Thanksgiving? Hope you got Miss V back safe and sound. I would have loved taking you as my date to the food-tasting.

Missing you much. Played mahjong this weekend (Ethan won every round) and really missed you and Cap'n M.

Soozcat said...

CM and I stayed here and had ourselves a quiet feast. (I had originally planned on going to Utah for Thanksgiving along with Miss V, but that would have left CM allll aloooone. :( Couldn't do that.)

Tell Ethan "Go go go!" from us. I fully expect him to whip us at mahjongg the next time we play together.

tlc illustration said...

Are all of you heading to Utah for Christmas?

You might never be able to give V up... Things are very quiet without younger bodies about. I get antsy when my kids are gone for too many hours in any one day.