Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ow. ow ow. owie.

I am currently lying flat on my back in bed. Nice work if you can get it, no?

Well, no, actually. Taking it easy is nice when you're choosing to do it of your own volition, but it isn't quite as fun when it's done on doctor's orders. *sigh*

See, I went in for surgery today to have this lipoma removed from my back, between the shoulder blades and almost directly over my spine. The thing was there for several years and just kept getting bigger, so out it had to come. It's outpatient surgery, which means I get to go home and sleep in my own bed and I get to eat my hubby's delicious cooking instead of hospital food (yay!), but I've discovered today just how many movements require the use of the back muscles. Anything that strains the incision means more recovery time. Which means I'm not going to bounce back from this as swiftly as I'd imagined. (It also takes a reeeeeelly long time to type up entries, since I'm temporarily reduced to hunt-and-peck typing rather than the usual speedy touch typing. This one's taken me nearly 10 minutes already. Feh. But it's not as though I have pressing business to attend to.)

Anyway, if I don't respond to comments or emails as swiftly as usual, it's probably because I'm in a Percocet-induced stupor. zzzzzzzzzz


paula said...

ooohhhh, soozcat! Hope you recover quickly! Amazing how much effort it can take to do just the simplist of things when you're not very well. Even laughing! or coughing or sneezing or blinking...

Maybe you can employ your hubby as your personal typing slave while you're recovering.

Get better soon!

Scarehaircare said...

Ick on Percocet (makes me hallucinate) and hooray for Cap'n M's cooking! I hope you feel better soon, ouch on the pain.

Chesno Slova said...

Get better Sooz. Don't let Miss V jump on the bed too much and make the "Cap'n" create some yummy things like his famous red cabbage. We're pulling for you!

tlc illustration said...

Sooz! I'm sorry I'm so in my own deadline-induced-haze that I'd forgotten you were doing that this week. I'm a dingbat.

Hopefully Cap'n M and V are taking good care of you. Call me if you need anything (or want to *talk* instead of type. :-)

Feel better soon!

PG said...

Ah Sooz, take it easy, read books, indulge yourself, get well soon...

Soozcat said...

Thanks folks. You are all too kind.

For them what has an interest in such things, I got the biopsy results back today and yes, it was indeed a fibrous lipoma. No cancer, although I was pretty sure they wouldn't find any. (You never know.) So that's good news!

Meantime I am trying to take it easy and dosing myself with comfrey tea and the very occasional low-dose Percocet for sleep (though I freely admit that drug scares me witless--no hallucinations, though, which is good). It's hard to tell, but I *think* things are knitting together pretty well back there.

lettuce said...

best wishes for quick recoveries

natural attrill said...

Hello! thanks for visiting our blog, it was nice to hear from you again.
Hope you recover well from your operation. My Mum had a lipoma on her back, and like you, lived with it for ages, untill it grew too large to be comfortable, then she had it removed. I have one, in the same place as my Mum had hers, lower down on my back than yours. Still have mine.
Get well soon!

natural attrill said...

Sorry Soozcat! Thanks for really visiting our blog this time, I got you mixed up with tlawwife before!

Soozcat said...

Hee! Actually, your stray comment reminded me that I hadn't been over to your entirely lovely blog for some time, and spurred me to go visit. Thanks!