Sunday, January 20, 2008

In which Soozcat admits she is a complete bonehead

EADY for a ripping tale? 'Course you are!

Once upon a time there was a friendly but rather addlepated laundry fairy by the name of Soozcat. One day Soozcat rejoiced to get a call from one of her very dearest friends, Carrie, who mentioned that she would be visiting Seattle soon and could they perhaps get together and do something? Yes, yes, of course they could! Whee!

Giddy with excitement and noting that Carrie would be flying in on Friday the 18th, Soozcat asked for her flight number. Having obtained it, she checked ahead on the airline's website and saw what time it would be arriving. On Friday, she gave herself plenty of time to wander down to the airport to pick Carrie up from her flight. Fortunately for her, she had borrowed her niece's stripped-down cell phone so she could call Carrie as soon as the flight came in.

When she got to the airport, Soozcat gave Carrie a ring. Here's how the exchange went:

*ring ring*
C: Hello?
S: Hello, Carrie, this is Sooz.
C: Zooz! How are you?
S: Fine. Where are you?
C: Going to pick up DS#1 from school, where are you?
S: (faltering) Are you not flying in today?
C: (after half a second) Sooz, I told you I was coming in on Friday the 18th... of April.

Yep, I'm a bonehead. Actually I found my boneheadedness so amusing that I immediately thereafter called my mom and hubby and told on myself. Then I went to IKEA, seeing that I was in the area anyway. Now I am many household implements richer and about $80 poorer; curse all that wily reasonably-priced Scandinavian goodness!

I did find it mildly funny that the airline info checked out for a completely different date; this airline (and, for all I know, every airline) must recycle flight numbers that come from the same originating airport at a specific time of day.


PG said...

Sooz, you are back! I just had a dekko at your other blog with Miss V, get that Captain Midnight to post some more, he is rather amusing ;)

(it's a little window)


natural attrill said...

Happy New Year!
I got myself Laurence and Toby to the airport in Barcelona 5 hours early to go home from out hols, I know I do like to be in time for things, but that is just ridiculous, I had misread the time, just a silly mistake, but cos we were returning from our hols we had checked out of our apartment and had all our luggage with us so couldnt really do much but wait.

tlawwife said...

Better early than late. I invited my parents to a concert that was held the day before one time. Very embarrassing.fe

Scarehaircare said...

.....and I was so disappointed that I had to answer "Picking up DS#1 from school, where are you?" rather than "100 yards in front of you. Can you see me now?"

Ah, well, countdown to April.....

paula said...

hahaha, brilliant! I love stories like that... just the sort of thing i end up doing! Glad it happens to someone else so I can laugh at them too! ;o) xxx