Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mysteries at odd hours

The things you see when you're out and about at 2:30 a.m. are sometimes subtly odd. I was running some late errands, mailing Christmas packages and dropping off some rented DVDs, and was driving toward home when I noticed something peculiar. At the southern edge of the Microsoft campus, standing on the corner at a respectable distance from one another, were two women. They were of that indeterminate age somewhere between middle-aged and elderly, rounded and shapeless, wearing parkas and babushka-style headscarves. They were obviously talking to each other in a genial way, in no particular hurry, standing there in the rain.

What were they doing there? They couldn't have been waiting for a bus; even if they had been anywhere near a bus stop (they weren't), the county buses stopped running at least an hour ago. They obviously weren't in the process of walking home; I sat waiting for the light to change and they showed no signs of stirring or attempting to cross the street in either direction. They were just standing on the corner in the middle of the night, in the rain, talking. For all their lack of defined purpose, they could have dropped there from the skies or grown up from the concrete.

I can't help but think there's a story somewhere in this incident. Did I observe the meeting of two magicians? Are there a couple of statues on campus that are technologically enchanted to come to life at night, and are free to roam around as long as they stay on the campus? Or is it something slightly more prosaic like the Russian Mafia or a roving band of TechnoGrannies?

What strange things have you seen in the wee hours?


Scarehaircare said...

In West Jordan Utah, there was a man who always wore a long black trenchcoat, black cowboy hat and carried gnarled walking stick that looked homemade. I saw him nearly daily walking as far west as 4900 South and all the way to I-15 along 7800 West. I would see him in the day or the middle of the night on those times I had to find an all-night pharmacy for one of the kids. I always thought there had to be a fascniating story about him. He did not carry a backpack or look homeless. My kids still talk about him.

tlc illustration said...

Technogrannies! Enchanted ones. That's my vote (how odd!)

I keep forgetting to tell you that I did enjoy the quince. Wasn't bitter to my taste at all. I hope someday, my own little quince tree will fruit! (the squirrels seem to like them when they are quite small - none have made it past infancy yet).

Good luck with and enjoy your Christmas travels!

PG said...

I think once two women of a certain age get talking it would take more than rain to interrupt ther flow!

I have been utterly, shamefully rubbish at sending out cards this year...you would think that as I sell the darned things I would be on the ball, but no. I am sorry. New Year Resolution's list starts here...