Saturday, April 05, 2008

In the spring time, the only pretty ring time

T'S definitely spring here, despite a few attempts by Mother Nature to make it winter again -- we had a rather spectacular, heavy late snowfall that covered everything in sight and broke the branches off several flowering plum and cherry trees. I went past a few absolutely magnificent plums the other day, some of their main branches damaged, possibly beyond repair.

Miss V has been visiting family in another state, since she's had time off school for spring break all this week. Though I've been able to get quite a few errands run and I've had a lot more freedom to goof off this week, I've also really missed her. I think we're both looking forward to seeing her again.

CM and Miss V are, I think, both addicted to The Sims 2, although they have very different playing styles. Miss V has more fun coming up with clothing for her Sims and making them do things, but isn't particularly attentive to their needs, so they have accidents on the floor, faint and go crazy from lack of sleep, and (in one traumatic case) die of hunger. CM, on the other hand, has been busy with his Casanova Sim who tries to seduce every female Sim he meets. His comment: "Because I can." *eyeroll*


PG said...

It seems as if Spring is really fighting to get through this year...this weekend we hav arctic winds! And it feels like it too, despite the blossom and tulips.

Scarehaircare said...

The best things about Spring? Two more weeks (until I get to see you)