Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out and about

Got out of the house with Miss V today. We drove out to one of the local beaches (which, in 72-degree weather, was packed) and enjoyed the sun for a while. Unfortunately we didn't give ourselves a lot of time, as she had a birthday party to attend this evening, but it was still nice to get out.

I realized something today -- well, not so much realized it, but had it more strongly impressed upon my brain. I've picked up some bad habits in the last few years. In our last home, I was practically a recluse; there were days when the only time I went outside was to get the mail. Some of that behavior has continued here, where on occasion I've holed up for no good reason. That has to stop! Feh. I may be a house fairy, but I'm not tethered to the washing machine. There are so many things to see and do around here, I've got transportation, and Miss V will only be a child for a year or two more (already she's bristling at being called "kid" and "little girl," so I can see the writing on the wall). It's time to explore and discover and otherwise join the land of the living.

Besides, what fairy in her right mind would skip the chance to spend time in the Arboretum?


Scarehaircare said...

So.... are we going to the Arboretum?

Soozcat said...

We certainly could... as long as it isn't too rainy.

tlc illustration said...

Love, love, love the Arboretum! Especially when all the rhodys are full out.

Yes! I vote for getting out of the house! (I'm counting the days until I can as well).

Soozcat said...

I should spring you from the clink, Tara. If there are any more days coming like last Saturday (please please!), it will be a moral imperative.

natural attrill said...

Hello again!
Looks like a lovely park.
Sometimes i dont get out for days, i walk downstairs and sit at my drawing board all day, then the same the next and the next, then I begin to feel 'stir' crazy! one of the disadvantages of working from home i guess. There are many good things though too.
Toby and i are having a giveway for our 3ooth post, to charity, come visit us if you'd like to join in.