Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A visit to several magic kingdoms

The first, of course, being Long Beach Airport in Southern California. Truly a wondrous elfin hub of transportation untouched by the years, say I.

The second and third being Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure, respectively. One bills itself as the Happiest Place on Earth, while the other is curiously devoid of human beings.
It is a kingdom cursed, methinks.

The fourth being the environs of the Pantages Theater in Hollywood...
where Teal Wicks transformed herself into the green-skinned witch called Elphaba.
This was satisfying stuff indeed, although we nearly didn't make it in before the kingdom's gilded doors clanged shut at 8 p.m.

Now I'm back to the REAL Happiest Place on Earth: home.


tlc illustration said...

Yay! Now I want a detailed accounting of the whole, enchanted trip! (Call me if you don't want to type it all out. :-)

natural attrill said...

Disneyland has never really appealed to me. Hope you had a fab time though.
I really like that airport building!
Home is the best place, I think so too.