Saturday, May 10, 2008

A bit of pickled cloud

Paula (whose blog is here) was speculating the other day on what would happen if the clouds suddenly solidified and fell to earth -- whether we'd all be squished, or what would happen.

Of course, we folks in Seattle know exactly what happens, right? It's cloud-pickling season!

There are few things more refreshing during the midst of a hot Seattle summer than an ice-cold dish of home-pickled cloud, served in your grandma's china. And it has to be cold, because the lightning and ginger add quite a bit of zing.

This recipe won the Judges' Pick award at the Western Quadrennial Leapmarket Fair for three hundred and seventy-eight years straight, until Arabella Nettlewurst entered her bramble-and-dandelion cordial in the competition. (Oh, I would love to know her secret.)


Scarehaircare said...

This sounds like a children's book "Pickled Clouds". ARe you thinking something up?

paula said...

mmmmm, please send me some pickled cloud... it's hot hot hot here (and not a cloud in the sky to catch!)

Soozcat said...

Carrie: nah, just messing around.

Paula: pickled cloud (and maybe a bit of snow chutney) coming right up!