Thursday, May 01, 2008

What came today?

Forsooth, no need to wonder, for I shall tell you.
It's a package from the UK! From Gretel, in fact. I particularly love the mouse and the "yipe"-lines coming off his head.

Inside we found a number of lovely things, including some RFE cards, a rabbit cookie-cutter for Miss V, and the star of our show:
Eloise, Eloise, the pink-point Siamese! Who proceeded to sit on one of my cookbooks, very much the way my cat Chamomile used to do (with a look on her face that clearly said, "What can possibly be in this book that beats the pleasure of petting me?").

Miss V was quite taken with Eloise and immediately began squeeing joyously over her.

She doesn't usually look this lunatic, but that's only because she's exceptionally delighted.

I think it's love.


Erica-Jane said...


Found you through Paula's blog! Wow, looks like Gretel's pussycat has found a loving home :0)


PG said...

Ah, a kiss is just what Eloise needs, she looks as if she has found the prefect home here! :) I am so glad she arrived in good time, it's how post should work!

(I have recieved and interestingly heavy box in the post which I am investigating at the weekend...)

Alina Chau said...

that's very cute!

tlc illustration said...

How exciting! I can't think of a better home for Eloise.

paula said...

awww Eloise is going to love living with you! x

natural attrill said...

What a fab cat!
I love G's felted creations.