Friday, October 10, 2008

Adventures in surgery

The virile and manly Captain Midnight is just lousy with testosterone. So much so, in fact, that it has made his hair a rare and precious thing, and caused a number of bumps to form on his noggin. Well, on Tuesday he went under the knife to get them out.

Behold the war wounds!
Poor man. No, he doesn't have an acute attack of jaundice in this picture.
The doctor used iodine all over his poor tender head.
He is not very happy about his owies. I think he misses his bumps.
We were astonished at the prescription CM received for pain -- 40 Percocet pills! FORTY! He hasn't needed anything, though, other than a day off work after the surgery to recuperate.

I think the funniest part of this was during the pre-surgery chat with the nurse, when she pointed to CM's head (she was actually referring to the stability of his bumps) and said, "There isn't much going on up there." Then she realized what she'd said and apologized profusely while I laughed. Au contraire, dear lady, there's PLENTY going on up there.


PG said...

Ouch, poor Captain, no wonder he looks sorry for himself!

tlc illustration said...

Yes, poor CM. How's he faring now? Does he have to get stitches out?

Soozcat said...

He's doing OK. He has removed the waterproof coverings, which has left him with black suture lines across the side and back of his head. This makes him look a bit fearsome and I'm sure he'll get to field some interesting questions at work tomorrow. (He will probably say he got the Internet brain implant or something equally silly.)

The stitches get taken out a week from now.

Douglas Cootey said...

Looks like his brain hurts in that second pic. ;)

paula said...

oh, poor Captain Midnight! They look like nasty Owies :o( I hope he's getting lots of smarties!

(hmm, in case you lovely people across the pond don't know what smarties are - the little coloured choccy sweets that my mum said makes things better!)