Thursday, October 09, 2008

Taming the cold in 30 minutes or less

And no, this doesn't mean ordering a pizza.

At bedtime tonight, Miss V was complaining (as she has been doing with the fall weather coming on) that she was cold. I felt like being nice, so I wandered out to the kitchen and dug through some fabric scraps. Sewed up a rectangular bag of cotton sock-monkey fabric, then tossed in some uncooked rice, then a good handful of dried lavender buds, then some more rice, a handful of dried spearmint, then some more rice (overall, the bag was about half full), squished it around to distribute the flowers and herbs, then sewed the end shut. Nuked the bag in the microwave about 2 minutes. It came out toasty warm and sweet-smelling.

When I sneaked into her room and snuggled the heat bag under the covers, next to her feet, she thought it was the best thing EVER.

I am a hero. *insert heroic pose and gleaming teeth here*


PG said...

Cor, that's a bit fancy, lucky Miss V! I have a plain old red rubber hot water bottle...which smells of - rubber.

tlc illustration said...

Yes, you are heroic. I may have to do a couple of those as well. Complete with herbs.