Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No, no, no no no NO NO NO!

I ask you, how is a laundry fairy supposed to function when her washing machine goes on the fritz?

I wish I could say this were a rhetorical question.

Alas, this to my wondering eyes did appear when I went to take the dark load out of the washer earlier this evening. Still full of water from this morning. Made noises, but would not agitate and would not drain.

I hope this is a simple and relatively inexpensive fix, like a belt repair. Please let it be a belt repair.

Yes, I know, there's no convenient time for things like this to happen. I also know I could sling all this into a bucket, put it into the bathtub, add soap and hot water, remove my shoes and dance about like a possessed winemaker to get them clean. Which I will probably do if the washer can't be repaired right away. But in the interim, sad fairy.

I suppose I should be prepared to hie myself down to the Seelie Court Laundromat for the next few days. Would rather be Christmas shopping!


MarieC said...

Arrrgh! I hate it when that happens. It happened to me just recently. Unsolicited advice: if you have to get a new washer think LONG and HARD before getting a "high-efficiency" frontloader. I absolutely hate mine and would go back to an agitator machine in a heartbeat.

P.S. LOVED this year's Holler!

Soozcat said...


Actually, I've heard many horror stories about front-loaders. That, plus both the installer guy from the moving company AND the repair man said, "Oh, don't ever get rid of this washer. They don't make 'em like this any more."