Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yes yes yes! and other positives

Well, it was a belt repair. Still set us back more than I'd like, but the repair man was polite, friendly, knew his stuff and actually CAME EARLY. If anyone in the Puget Sound area is looking to hire someone to fix your appliance, let me officially recommend Rob's Appliance Service.

And now the washer, she washes! Woohoo! Just in the nick of time, too.

Based solely on the weather forecasts, Miss V's school district declared it a snow day (even though we had no snow all day and, in fact, only have frost on the ground right now). We appear to be in some strange weather bubble wherein the snow shies away from us -- to the north and south and west, people are getting dumped on, but for the nonce we are all serene and snow-free here. It's more than a little bizarre. Anyway, Miss V took advantage of the enforced vacation day to goof off at her friends' houses and generally have a good time. While I took advantage of her absence to get stocking stuffers, muahaha.

I can hear her right now, muttering things in her sleep.

Oh yes, wish us luck -- we're going to attempt to drive into the maelstrom on Friday (or possibly even Thursday afternoon) in hopes of getting to Utah for Christmas. I do not fancy sliding all over the roads, so I'm hoping for clear driving conditions (or, barring that, good snow chains).

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MarieC said...

Hoorah for clean clothes!

I hated the snowless snow day yesterday, so I guess Mother Nature decided to give us one that actually had snow. How thoughtful of her--NOT.

Be careful driving to Utah and have a Merry Christmas.