Thursday, December 18, 2008

The frosty view from my door

Remember that snow we were supposed to have in spades yesterday?

It came today.
Captain Midnight spent most of the morning shoveling out the long driveway, in manly fashion. Here he enlists Miss V to spell him off. (That didn't last long, by the way.)

The back yard, with a tiny sliver of the state highway showing on the left. (Can't see it? Neither could I, and I live here.) Not only was it literally dead at this hour (11 a.m.), but a couple of drivers had abandoned their cars right along the edge of the highway.

Around here, there are two types of people unused to driving in snow. There are the timid grannies who trundle along at 5 mph, and then there are the foolhardy drivers who think they are immune to the laws of physics regarding bodies in motion just because they are driving trucks and SUVs. When the former meet the latter, there are inevitably crashes and spin-outs. The multiple accidents and numerous abandoned vehicles, far more than the actual state of the snowy roads, are what make it impossible to get anywhere in the Puget Sound area after a snowstorm.

We're still planning on leaving for Utah tomorrow. Should be an adventure.


MarieC said...

Our view was inordinantly frosty too. Good grief! Go safely tomorrow!

PG said...

Blimey is that what you call frosty!? The UK would come to a standstill if we had that. Take care travelling.