Sunday, December 21, 2008

We're alive... ALIVE!

Yes, we made it to Utah. CM is an accomplished driver in snow and ice. As it was, at least one mountain pass closed and blocked our way, so we had to take the trip in two days rather than one. But we are here, alive, and we actually arrived in time to score some smörgåsbord goodies. NOM NOM NOM.

"I'm eating some of that too, bub."
AND ALSO, today is Captain Midnight's birthday! Be sure to wish him a happy Big 42 if you see him around.

Captain Midnight is my hero. He is manly and twinkly-eyed. He loves to tease. Also he is smart enough to figure out any birthday chase... EXCEPT THIS YEAR'S!!! Muahahaha.


Soozcat said...


OK, smarty pants, here's your next birthday clue.

There's a thing in this house that is older than you.

If I gave more hints, that would give it away.

So search for this clue 'til you're aging and gray!

MarieC said...

Glad you made it safely. The weather here is still absolutely frightful!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday to CM.

tlc illustration said...

Yes, glad you made it. It snowed all night again last night. I measured 9" on the deck this morning.

Tell Cap'n Midnight Happy Birthday! and good luck in his treasure hunting.