Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tired feet

My dogs are barking. Miss V and I went Christmas shopping today, and I'm beat. I suspect that girl can out-shop anyone I know. We did get a number of gifties, but I think I may have to reiterate that "Christmas shopping" usually means "shopping for other people," not "shopping for oneself." She now has several new manga books and a few Daiso goodies to enjoy.

It was cold this evening and the clouds were out, rendering the sunset a moody slate blue with a few jagged streaks of vermilion red on the horizon -- gorgeous. After sunset the clouds all disappeared, leaving a crescent moon and a few bright stars visible outside the mall.

In future I think I will try to be well-hydrated and properly shod in preparation for an all-day shopapalooza with V.


Scarehaircare said...

THERE you are! I was beginning to think I must send a spelunking team to find you.

I was determined to have all shopping done by T-day. Alas, no. Perhaps you could send Miss V to me? I would hire her to be a personal shopper.

Soozcat said...

I'm sure V would jump at the chance to be a personal shopper!

This year Christmas has really crept up on me, and I have almost no shopping done (other than what got accomplished at the Quadrennial Leapmarket in February). But fear not! for all that is currently inscrutable shall presently be scruted.

BTW, who thinks the definition of "spelunk" should really be "The sound of a large stone being thrown into an even larger lake of soft-set raspberry Jello"?

tlc illustration said...

Shopping with pre-teen and teenaged girls is an adventure in stamina, for sure!

(and anytime the chocolate-caramel-truffle-peppermintbark-ambulance wants to wind its way here, it is welcome!!!)