Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The first attempt at pin-making

It's time to admit a shameful truth. Over the last several months, I've been making jewelry which I myself cannot wear. I've never had my ears pierced, so all these Lego goodies and other assorted earwear I've been posting on my Etsy store are items I cannot, for the nonce, try on. I've been looking to family and friends with pierces to wear-test concept pieces for me and make sure they're reasonably comfortable and fun.

At the same time, I've really got nothing for the guys -- unless they're secure enough in their masculinity that they're comfortable wearing Lego earrings.

Clearly, these things have to change. Which is what I was thinking about as I wandered through my friendly neighborhood Lego store yesterday. I picked up several minifigures on which to work my questionable magic... and then, near the checkout register, I saw a minifigure set of a policeman and his dog. I'll admit I immediately thought of Dori's husband and his canine partner, so I picked it up.

Gentle readers, without further rambling exposition, I present to you Officer Not-So-Friendly and his dog Seaforth.
Originally I was hoping for an Officer Friendly vibe, but it's clear this guy is all business.

Pinbacks. If you look closely you will notice I'm still learning how to use industrial strength jewelry adhesive, so things are a bit wonky here and there on the officer. Still, considering it's my first try, I think this set turned out pretty well. I also think Lego pins are much more likely to be interesting to members of both sexes.

Best of all, in my eyes anyway, I have finally made Lego jewelry I can wear myself! (But I'm still looking for wear-testers. Dori, would you or hubby be interested?)


Dori said...

Are you kidding me?! So my eyes totally jumped to the picture first and I was all--I have GOT to get me some of those! Then I actually read the post. Test drive? You bet!
(smplydori over there at gmail.com)

Soozcat said...

Mail sent. (Pretty sure it'll go through--but the mail server's been a little wonky this afternoon. If you don't get a message by some time tonight, ping me here and I'll try again.)

natural attrill said...

I've just had a look at your etsy store, some fab stuff! Just to my taste, I really like funny quirky things. My favs are the toothpaste tube earrings. I also really like the hot dogs.
Cant believe your prices though, you must be making a loss?!!!
Nice to see your jewellery.
Good luck with the brooch stickings.

Soozcat said...

Penny! You are too kind.

I cannot in good conscience sell the plastic charm earrings for *more* than what I'm offering now--they were a pittance to make. Only wish I had an outlet to sell some of these items in person; they really do seem to sell better when people can see them up close and handle them and so forth. Which is only understandable, I suppose. Ah well.