Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More geekiness

OK, I haven't yet put these up, and they won't go up until they're properly wear-tested to ensure they aren't too heavy on the ears.

But, um, what are your thoughts on these?
Yes, other than the ubiquitous "You're such a geek" post. I know that already.

ETA: Stormtroopers are up.


Dori said...

You had me at the Yodas. :D

Actually found you some time ago (haven't been back until just now) from the John Bellairs blog thingie...they linked to me because I chatted about my son starting to read "a house with the clock in its walls". Saw you there and was intrigued by your blog title. Yea.

Soozcat said...

I miss John Bellairs. He died far too young. Glad he brought you here, though!

Have you ever read "The Face in the Frost," which I think was his first book? It is somewhat derivative, in that it was written in the throes of Lord of the Rings book madness in the late '60s, but it's got some fun characters and some first-class creepy moments. Worth seeking out.

MarieC said...

Rob said "those are cool!" when he saw the Imperial Guards. Am testing the Chewbacca pair as I type...I'm comparing them to my heaviest pair to see which fatigues my ear fastest (I have one Chewie and one control earring on...now if that isn't a fashion statement, I don't know what is).

Soozcat said...

Marie: you are truly a dedicated tester and I thank you!