Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sibling spotlight #3: Timothy

Either I'm about to give birth to Athena or I've got a rip-roaring head cold; most likely the latter. Since I seem to be awake whether I like it or not, perhaps it's time to compose another sibling spotlight. Up to bat this time: Timothy.

Tim is the third sibling in the family, and the younger of the two boys. I believe he has a charmed life, considering the many MANY times he has gone through incidents and accidents... to date, he has had two black eyes, has cracked a leg bone, was bit in the face by a dog, had a knuckle of his finger sliced open, and had to have emergency surgery to remove his gall bladder and spleen. I'm sure there are many more mishaps I've forgotten. In any case, he's lived through them all.

And why? Well, if you ask me, it's because Tim is meant to be on Earth at this time and place -- partly to be a husband and father, and partly to be a teacher. Tim loves knowledge. He loves to soak up and mentally collate all sorts of information, and he loves to disseminate what he's learned. His obvious love for his chosen subjects is infectious. He is a student of several world religions, though he shows no signs of leaving his own, and he is a walking repository of all Star Wars trivia known to man.

Tim is a creator. He sees potential everywhere. As a little boy, he often got in trouble for bringing rusty, discarded farm equipment home from the field across from our house; he could see beauty where everyone else saw junk. Even now, one of his favorite things is to figure out a way to create lovely, useful things from discarded items. He hates to see things go to waste and is concerned about our world and how we can take better care of it. He works with clay, and is happy to teach others how to spin graceful forms out of the mud. (Incidentally, when Tim discovered that the man I was dating -- Captain Midnight -- was also a potter, he got so excited he screamed "MARRY HIM!" into the phone. I'm glad I took his advice.)

Elder Tim served a mission to faraway, exotic Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He kicked butt and took names (but in a righteous way). Several families in Wisconsin still consider him to be their son. Tim also married an awesome woman and has four amazing, bright, talented, funny kids. Yes, I would say this even if they weren't relatives.

There is no story Tim cannot make interesting. He can have us all on the floor laughing as he recounts the three times in his life he has fainted, and the subsequent humiliations he had to suffer. He has an engaging speaking voice, and a clear, pleasant singing voice.

Tim makes adventures happen. He and his wife are costumers who love nothing better than to dress up and attend some shindig or other -- whether it's a Renaissance faire or a local showing of the 501st. Their kids also have an array of costumes, and have been dressing up since they were tiny.

Tim is astounding. He rox my sox. I'm very lucky to have him as a brother and a friend.

Note the scar above his right eye, where the dog bit him?Love you, Timot.


paula said...

Your brother sounds lovely! 'He makes adventures happen' that's such a great way to live! I like to think of life as one big adventure.. it's like an exciting story, that gets entwined with other peoples stories, and twists and turns all the time... you never know what's going to happen next!


p.s. dressing up is fuuuuun!

Lady Arat said...

love my timmy!

Soozcat said...

As well you should. He is pretty awesome. ;)