Sunday, August 23, 2009


Zithromax image via WebMD
Zithromax is my new best friend. Well, OK, that and Sudafed (the real stuff, not the new PE formulation; PE stands for "Pointless Exercise" as far as I'm concerned. Stupid meth dealers). Until such time as I'm no longer contagious, I have two choices: 1) self-quarantine or 2) wander around in a shroud, wearing a placard marked "UNCLEAN" and ringing a bell to warn others of my impending presence. So yeah, I'm expecting to stay holed out in the house until Monday.

Miss V returns on Monday, incidentally. I still have to perform the mental gearshift that pulls me out of summer's total lack of schedule and back into V mode. It's weird to think she's going to be a teenager in a month, and that she's starting junior high in a week. This is exactly why Captain Midnight pushes down on her shoulders to try to get her to stop growing... No, don't worry, I'm not going to break into a chorus of "Sunrise, Sunset." But there are times when she's being sweet, or funny, or even ornery, that I want to say, "OK, stop. Just stay like this long enough that I'll be able to fix it in my mind forever." Where is my Pause button?

I've stalled out on the stories, which is unfortunate; gearshifting back into V mode means I'll have to carve out the time to write, rather than just falling into it when the spirit strikes. One of the stories is almost complete for a read-through; it just needs a few more scenes written before I can start handing it out to readers for feedback, work on polishing, etc. Another one won't be done for some time because it keeps growing in the telling, and a third I may just have to jettison as unworkable -- it reads like bad fanfic. Eurgh.

There's one good thing about being sick, I guess. It helps you appreciate the days when you're well. Looking forward to being appreciative.


MarieC said...

When does Miss V start school? We return to the grind on August 31. Really early this year!

Glad you are on the Z-max. My best friend, too, on many occasions. Hope you are back in the pink soon.

Soozcat said...

Miss V starts again on September 1. I think she counts herself lucky that she doesn't have to start in Utah, where they've been up and at it for at least a week, if not two.

tlc illustration said...

'Pointless exercise'! hahahah! exactly. Sorry you have felt so icky (and please do keep your 'uncleanness' to yourself! :-)

Hugs to V when she arrives! And best wishes to you and your impending teenage-hood adventures...