Thursday, October 29, 2009

Late-night wonders

In the past I've mentioned some of the odd things one sees when one is out late at night. Many an Epic Late Night Grocery Run has been punctuated by an odd sighting or two... such as the time I was leaving the Safeway parking lot and the car's headlights picked out a low, gray object about the size of a kitten, scuttling along the edge of a building (entirely too close to the entrance of a local restaurant, by the way). It was the biggest Norway rat I'd ever seen.

Then there was that incident the other night -- well, early morning, actually -- as I was tooling peacefully home along the city's main thoroughfare, which just happens to be a one-way street. Suddenly someone flew past me in the left lane. I'm guessing he was going so fast because he couldn't read the posted speed limit signs, driving as he was in the wrong direction. Gah!


What wondrous oddities have you spied
when the garish lights of day have died?
Come, readers all, and here display
Your night-time tales of the weird or fey
To bring delight or cause dismay!


Wendy Jean said...

Once on a late night Taco Bell run we saw a rat that we decided must be a killer sewer rat that had been exposed to some kind of scientific experiment. Later I was told it was probably a possum!

Wendy Jean said...

Oh and did I ever tell you about the alien encounter I had late night in my very own living room? I may have to blog about that one!

Soozcat said...

As far as I'm concerned, possums are mutated rats. When we lived in California, they used to climb up onto our back porch and eat all the cat food. eeeeevil.