Thursday, November 26, 2009


ELL, that was delicious. I am pleasantly full but not too much so, which is the way to go.

I have lots of reasons to be thankful. I have an awesome hubby who, in addition to being boyishly cute and thus delightfully ornamental, is a computer tester extraordinaire and a fair hand in the kitchen. I am fortunate enough to be part of not one, but two fantastic families. I am lucky to have Miss V around; she's an interesting and fun person and she keeps me honest. I'm slightly amazed that the Etsy store is actually starting to make a little money. I live in an awesome place -- my favorite place in the whole world so far. I'm still reeling over the good fortune of being able to travel to a place I've dreamed of going most of my life. And I'm thankful for the kindness and friendship of a number of people I've met in person and online over the past few years.

Now for the post-Thanksgiving tradition: addressing Christmas cards. If you're not already on the card list and you'd like to be, please drop me a note and I'll add you. (Muahahaha, another victim for the yearly newsletter!)

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MarieC said...

Can't wait for the newsletter. The Houghton Holiday Holler is one of our favorites!