Sunday, December 06, 2009

'Tis the season to shoot zombies, fa la la la la, la BRAAAAINS.

The signs of Christmas are fast appearing. The tree is up and decorated, Captain Midnight has bought himself a case of oranges and is happily munching his way through them, and about three-fourths of the Christmas card/newsletter recipient list is now taken care of. Shaking out my right hand in an attempt to get rid of the inevitable writers' cramp. (Some of the worst cases of writers' cramp I've experienced came during college, in the middle of essay tests. My handwriting is slow and methodical, and I tend to press down hard on the pen or pencil. I don't mind composing essays on the fly, but the physical act of writing them down took its toll. Often, with my remaining strength, I would scrawl savage notes to my professor at the bottom of the test... things like "Well, I hope you're happy now. My right hand is going to need an ice pack tomorrow, you sadist." I was always faintly surprised when I got the test back and my grade hadn't been docked for smarting off.)

We have a nifty new little digital camera. I'm still figuring out all its bells and whistles, but eventually I'll have it all sorted. When I do, one evening I'll take you all with me on a night excursion into the misty darkness. At the very least, you should get a tour of Pike Place Market at Christmastime; it's something to remember and to savor.

Zombie target courtesy of Survivor-EDC
I keep seeing intriguing or amusing things that would make great photos. One thing I missed getting for you (because I didn't have a camera at the time) was a sign outside a local gun shop and shooting range... it said "Come on in and practice shooting zombies with your friends." (At least it didn't say "shooting zombies who were once your friends.")


LDahl said...

You MUST go back and get that pic!
Nah, but I sure would like to see that and show it to my Zombie lovin' son.

Soozcat said...

I wish I'd taken a photo while they still had it up. Alas, they've switched over to something bland about holiday gift certificates now.