Saturday, March 20, 2010

APB to film geeks everywhere: go see Loop Planes

Hey, film geeks! Yeah, I mean you! Heads up!

If you're going to the Tribeca Film Festival this year, you should be aware that my sister Julie (who has been mentioned here once or twice) produced a short film called Loop Planes that will be an official entry at the festival. (It was also screened at SXSW, but hey--ya snooze, ya lose.)

I made one tiny, insignificant contribution to this film: the random fact, pulled from my collection of useless trivia, that you can temporarily dye your hair funky flavors using Kool-Aid. (Spot it in the finished film and possibly win a prize, if I feel like giving one!)


Pamela said...

Kool Aid? really, I can dye my hair with it. how long before it washes out? and does it attract flies?

Soozcat said...

If you just make a paste of it and rub it into your hair, then rinse the excess out, it lasts maybe a day. If you want it to go longer you have to go the whole route of wrapping up your head and sleeping on it overnight, but that's a huge bother, IMO.

It's best to use the unsweetened kind. No stickiness (and no flies) that way. :)

You can also dye wool yarn with Kool-Aid. Behold the awesome power of artificial dyes!