Thursday, March 04, 2010


Annoying but benign. ("And my heart's OK, too!" says Captain Midnight. It's nice to know his sense of humor has not been affected.)

The results of the treadmill test revealed no blockages, no serious plaque buildup, etc. That plus the other bloodwork has led CM's doctor to conclude that the man just has funky heartbeat issues on occasion. In and of itself, it's not considered particularly dangerous. It's only when it shows up with other symptoms that there's cause for concern, and he has no other symptoms.

I think I'll keep him away from the caffeine and try to make sure he gets more sleep, but he has the medical OK to start exercising again, eating chocolate in moderation, etc. More to the point, when it comes to the upcoming trip to England, THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! (*yay!*)


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PG said...

Happy dancing!! That is almost exactly what they said about Andy in the end. He watches his salt levels now, but since his little fits, he hasn't (touchwood) had a recurrence.

I was selfishly worrying about whether you would be able to come over, and so pleased you can. :) Very excited. (But not as excited as you, I bet)

You've been delving into my archives again and taking me down memory lane - five years ago...goodness.