Thursday, March 04, 2010

Miss V's latest creation

To say that Miss V is obsessed with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is, uh, putting it mildly.

In anticipation of the movie tomorrow, she made this charm bracelet tonight.

Lots of shrink plastic charms, a miniature silvery key...

...and my personal favorite, a teeny "Drink Me" bottle. (To give you an idea of how small the tag is, the bottle itself is about an inch long.)

She is entranced with it. And really, who can blame her?


Scarehaircare said...

Going to sell more? Really, if you are then let me know.

Also, I want a quote on a charm bracelet for all things speech therapy (think talking)and kids

Soozcat said...

Miss V could not sell this exact bracelet, because the charms were copied off the Disney website. But feel free to make your own!

I'm sure she could make you a speech therapy related charm bracelet... will have to ask her.