Saturday, May 22, 2010


I know I'll probably regret doing this in the near future, but I just toasted my Facebook account.

Yes, Facebook is fun. Yes, I got in contact with a lot of people I'd missed from various times and places in my life. Yes, FB does make it easy and convenient to keep up with people all in one place.

  • It eats up too much of my time. Enough said.
  • It's just gotten too difficult to keep track of privacy issues. Every time FB changes -- and it seems to do so constantly -- there's yet another privacy headache to keep track of. FB has had problems in the past with revealing information meant to be private, giving information away to other companies, and generally doing whatever it wants with details that were meant to be nobody else's business. (I didn't even give FB that much information to work with. Imagine all the people who gave out their addresses, telephone numbers, cell numbers and all other sorts of potentially trackable (and lucrative) information, just because FB requested it.)
  • Most of the stuff I want to share online gets posted here anyway, and the rest can be handled with relatively mindless and/or pithy Twitter updates. If it matters that much to people to keep up with me (and I'm not harboring any illusions that it will, for about half my FB friend list), they'll find their way here eventually, no?
And now that I've magically freed up copious amounts of my time, I'm off to write that screenplay! Heh.

ETA: gahh.  I reFacebooked again.  Sucked down into the gaping maw that is social media!!


MarieC said...

Did you totally delete or just deactivate?

Soozcat said...

I went ahead and deleted. It takes 14 days for Facebook to clear out your account.

D. Cootey said...

I'm still waffling. I personally dislike Facebook, but I've had two assignments because of it. So I'd like to toast the account, but keep coating that Eggo with syrup…

As for reconnecting with people, it goes like this for me:

"Doug! It's been forever! How ya doin?" says old friend.
"Hey, so-and-so. I go by Douglas now. I'm doing great. How's life?" I reply.
"Great, Doug. Just great! It's great to connect with you on this Facebook thing. Great!" says old "friend"
"So, what have you been up to?" says I.

I never hear from them again. They never comment on anything I write. They never reply again.


You see, there is a reason we lost contact. We had nothing in common. Facebook doesn't fix that. Hahaha!

YOU were one of the people I could count on to comment on things I posted. Now that won't happen anymore. You owe me some waffles, missy.


Soozcat said...

For the record, I do try to remember it's "Douglas" now, though I do slip up on occasion.

I guess I'll just have to step up comments on your blog/Twitter to make up for it, huh? ;)

D. Cootey said...

Hahaha! I wasn't chastising you. I was mocking the "friends".

But I'd love to hear more from you elsewhere. Always love blog comments.