Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miss V in Wonderland

Tonight Miss V acquitted herself admirably in her junior high production of Alice in Wonderland.

I may be a proud auntie -- OK, yes, in fact I am a proud auntie -- but objectively speaking, this was a good performance. I've seen fully-staged high school productions that didn't go as well as this one did.

On stage, V has all the confidence in the world. She put herself fully into the character and sashayed around the stage with poise, grace, and plenty of attitude; she didn't falter or fall out of character for an instant.

And don't tell her this, but she's growing up to be beautiful. (Come to think of it, don't tell any of the boys her age, either.)

Best of all, her mom and grandma were in the audience and watched her perform. V was so excited to introduce her mom to all her friends at school.

By the way, Miss V is also making some fabulous charm necklaces inspired by Alice and selling them at the Cosmic Fun Palace.

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