Monday, June 07, 2010

Blessings from a Church Lady

A small first class mail parcel arrived today.

Miss V, who loves to open packages -- ANY packages, even if they're not expressly addressed to her -- begged me to let her open this one. So I acquiesced.

Here's what she found inside:
The lovely and talented Ms K., aka The Church Lady, had sent me a parcel full of goodies! It included a lovely personal note from Ms. K, five splendiferous blogging-related postcards from Simply Smooches, and a Fuzzy Fingers duster cloth (my keyboard is in desperate need of some TLC... I think I heard cheering coming from beneath the CAPS LOCK key, but I can't be sure). Thanks so very much, Church Lady!

Now to Pay It Forward. Here's how it works:

The first three people to leave a comment on this post will be my Pay It Forward recipients. You have to be an actual person, not a spambot, and you must have a blog so I can read your postings and learn enough about you to make an informed choice about what to send you. When you receive your package from me, post pictures on your blog of what you received, just as I have done -- then copy and paste this text and wait for three comments on your blog... and the game continues on. Ask me if you have any questions.

This isn't one of those games where we try to outdo each other with spending -- inexpensive but well-chosen and thoughtful little gifts are best.

Sound interesting? Cool! Please post a comment if you'd like to be in on this.

(Thanks again, Church Lady!)

NOTE: This round of Pay It Forward is now closed. BUT! Fear not, for we shall play another round in the very near future. Watch this blog for details.


The Church Lady said...

Hey lady! So glad you received my package. Better late than never!!

BTW, I was catching up on reading your blog. My prayers and positive thoughts go out to your mom. She is very cute, indeed!

Soozcat said...

Thanks very much. She is rather delightful, isn't she? :)

So, does this mean you'd like to participate in this round of Pay It Forward?

Scarehaircare said...

I'm game! I'd love to play Pay It Forward. :)

Soozcat said...

Your wish is my command!

Wendy Jean said...

comment! LOL!

Soozcat said...

*sparkle* Bibbity-bobbity-bacon! Your wish is granted!

Soozcat said...

Unless Church Lady speaks up for it, we have a third slot that's up for grabs... anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Amber said...

You don't know me...but I would love to play Pay It Forward!

Soozcat said...

All right, Amber, shazam! You're the next (and last) contestant on this round of Play It Forward!