Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh, how Horrible!

A possibly familiar set of cult charactersTo answer a few possible questions:
  • Yes, they are actually tie-tack pins made by me.
  • Yes, they are made from a certain brand-name Danish plastic toy, but they are not and should not be construed as official merchandise of said company -- just a by-a-fan, for-fans bit of fun. Likewise, no connection with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy or any associated persons or production companies is hereby implied or should be inferred.
  • No, you cannot buy off-the-shelf Dr. Horrible minifigures. These were cobbled together by me from individual bits and pieces.
  • Yes, the death ray and the suitcase are removable.
  • No, there is no wonderflonium in the suitcase. Nor is the death ray a working prototype.
  • Yes, I will be offering them at Seattle Square this weekend.
  • No, they will not be sold separately -- just as a set. (Sorry.)
  • No, sadly, there is no hammer logo on the shirt. (I really, really tried to get one. Literally, I postponed selling this set for over a year while I actively searched for one. But if you buy the set, you're free to find and attach a decal of your own. In fact, I encourage you to do so.)
  • Yes, I might be convinced to make another set if response to the first one is positive.
  • No, I am not going to make fifty gazillion of these to sell in your store.
I think that should probably cover all the bases.


Captain Midnight said...

Hey, could you make fifty gazillion of these to sell in my store?

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Wendy Jean said...

where's the like button?

Soozcat said...

Hee! Thanks.