Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seattle Square 4.0 (our last for the season)

"This is my domain and I protect those who come here...

...for I am the Seagull King of Seattle Square!"

Um, or not.

Beneath the watchful eye of King Seagull, the vendors set up for the day.

And a beautiful day it turned out to be. Not too hot, not too cold, and thankfully not at all wet.

Vendors vending, shoppers shopping. And occasionally buyers buying, which makes everybody happy, trust me.

Shall we take a look at some of those fine vendors? LET'S.

The beautiful jewelry of Baltica really has to be seen in person to be appreciated... so come to Seattle Square on September 18 for a closer look. (This is also the genius behind PaperCutWorks, deftly mixing cartography, anatomy and just a dash of scherenschnitte.)

Behold the cheerfully caffeinated fashion of Coffee Purse! Purses and messenger bags made from reclaimed coffee sacks, latte art, and much more for your inner barista.

The only thing better than buying fabulous jewelry is getting to chat with the person who made it. Lisa Baker of Lisa Baker Designs is not only a talented artist, she's a fun conversationalist.

Behold the reclaimed goodies of Eklectopia...

...both earrings made from upcycled rubber and aluminum, and hand-etched drinking glasses. Stylish and environmentally sound. Score!

Marilyn's Nut Butters are not your gramma's peanut butter. Flavors like Cinnamon Walnut Pecan and Pistachio Hazelnut with Cumin and Black Pepper... nom!

Dear Ninja: beware the boomerang throwing star. Oy, such a headache it will give you!

I have put up this image in the full knowledge that the minute Miss V sees it, she will bodily DRAG me back to Seattle Square and beg me to buy her a cute Japanese pop culture Namu shirt. Such are the trials of being an auntie.

Oh, the screen-printed love that is Slide Sideways.

I know a couple of people who would like these, don't you?

The many bijou curiosities of Deviant Decor are well worth a gander; this is another shop whose goods must be seen in person to be appreciated properly.

Some of the many handmade bags (including a few necktie purses!) available at Trizanh.

There are a lot of fun designs to be had at Choke Shirt Company...

...but this one's my favorite. All the named neighborhoods of Seattle in a single iconic design.

And now for the moment you've all been awaiting: STEAMPUNKY GOODNESS!

Been wondering where you might lay hands on a Nitikin Sonic Pistol No. 2?

Or perhaps a larger-bore instrument of mayhem is more to your liking? In any case, Tinplate Studios stands ready to bring your steampunk dreams to life.

Seattle Square would not be Seattle Square without a little performance going on. This young lady (whose name escapes me) danced and did various fun tricks with hula hoops for hours, working to fund her nursing school education.

And then there's us, but you probably already know about us. We don't have any more dates coming up at Seattle Square this year, but will let you know if we have any upcoming appearances elsewhere. IN THE MEANTIME, YOU REALLY SHOULD GO TO SEATTLE SQUARE. It is full of awesome, and a fun place to go on a Saturday afternoon.

(Vendors: did I get something wrong? I've been known to do that on occasion. Drop me a line in the comment section here, or convo me over on my Etsy store, and I'll make it right. Thanks!)


LB said...

Wow, I should have left my booth more often: you saw lots more than I did! And thanks for the plug. My husband just nodded, upon hearing I was a good conversationalist. ;)

Soozcat said...

My husband would probably say I never stop yakking. But he's afraid of getting the business end of a pirate cutlass in the fundament. AS WELL HE SHOULD BE! :)

There was indeed a lot to see on Saturday. And your stuff is great!

Pat Achilles said...

Sooz, this fair looks great! I am unfortunately in PA and probably will not get to experience it soon. I do holiday fairs in my area in Nov. but since my wares are all paper (cards & prints) I only do indoor stuff. Humidity is the enemy.
I love the word fundament, haven't heard it in so long! And I had to nod along with your comment on the Bleat - equal rights w/equal responsibility.