Monday, September 06, 2010

Wait... what are you doing here?

It's Labor Day! (At least it is in the United States.) So go have fun. If anyone asks, hand this to them and tell 'em the Laundry Faerie gave you carte blanche to Goof Off.

Well, it isn't carte blanche exactly, but it'll do. If it's good enough for Uncle Pennybags it's good enough for me.


KO said...


Soozcat said...

Knock y'self out! :)

LDahl said...

I really did need a goof off do nuttin' day so today I'm better and feeling a bit like fall wouldn't be such a tragedy. Not really ready for it because of the snow/ice aspect that crouches in wait just after the whole leaf thing. Why can't it just go from fall to spring in a couple of months. Too much to ask huh?

Soozcat said...

You mean, give winter a miss and go straight on to spring?

We need to get Monty Python on this right away.