Thursday, January 20, 2011

The media circus is coming! Quick, hide!

It's been an interesting evening. Captain Midnight was followed home by reporters, and I've had to turn them away from the door with a polite "No comment." (I've been tempted to just point to the sign and close the door.) For the last two weeks CM has been serving jury duty for a relatively high-profile case in our neck of the woods, and today they finished their deliberations and gave answers to the interrogatories.

Since I wasn't a juror, I don't have much to say about the case itself. (If you're really curious, there is much information on the case available online and in print; as per all news stories, some of it is probably inaccurately reported.) But it has been... interesting... to see how keen the press was to get information from the jurors. They anonymously called several jurors on their cell phones after they'd left the courtroom, tailed CM as he walked home in the hope of getting him to make comment (he didn't), and knocked on our door during the dinner hour to see if he would make further comment (he didn't).

At this point, I'm just overwhelmingly happy I didn't end up following my youthful dreams of becoming a journalist -- not just because traditional print journalism is a dying medium, but because the idea of knocking on people's doors and trying to get them to open up to the press? Kinda sucks, actually. I'd hate to put people in that position. I don't think I could do it without losing little pieces of my soul.

So... yeah. It would seem I have made the better choice, all unawares. Who knew?

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